Saturday, November 12, 2016

Shasta High School Student Hands Out 'Deportation Letters' After Donald Trump's Election (VIDEO)

Needless to say, the kid's getting in trouble.

Funny though, since some real deportation letter will handed out after January 20th.

At the Redding Record Searchlight‎, "UPDATE: Shasta High student gives 'deportation' notices to other kids":

A Shasta High School student is in trouble for giving out phony deportation notices to several students of different ethnicities, district officials said.

The incident comes amid famously immigration-tough Donald Trump’s presidential election win Tuesday, though it couldn’t be confirmed whether the incident is related to Trump’s victory. Shasta Union High School District Superintendent Jim Cloney said he didn’t know whether the presidential race triggered the student’s stunt, “but I guess it would be hard to say it wasn’t.”

The student posted a video that’s since been deleted of himself making the rounds with the fake deportation notices, Cloney said. In a voice message Shasta High School Principal Leo Perez apparently sent to parents, Perez said “the students involved are all friends and the act was meant as a joke,” but it’s still not a joking matter.

A reader submitted stills from the video that appears to have been published on Snapchat to the Record Searchlight. The paper is not publishing the pictures so that the students can’t be identified.

In the stills, at least four students can be seen holding papers, though it’s not clear whether one of them is the distributor himself.

One shows a close-up of the “Deportation Order” being held by an unidentified hand in a classroom full of students with the caption “Got him.” The document is made to look like a real court order, but a Google search of the “712th Nonjudicial District Court” identified at the top reveals that the supposed court is one frequently used in prank forms...