Friday, November 11, 2016

Students Scared Donald Trump Will Deport Their Parents

Following-up from my previous entry, "Long Beach City College Announces Post-Election Student Support and Resources."

At the O.C. Register, "Students scared Donald Trump will kick their parents out of the country":
SANTA ANA – Sad. Nervous. Angry. Confused.

As they sat in a circle Thursday morning, students in Maria Soberanis’ eighth-grade class at Spurgeon Intermediate School had a lot to say about the presidential election.

“I feel scared they’re going to take away my mom and dad and grandma,” one girl softly shared with some 20 classmates.

Such circles have been repeated since Election Day across the Spurgeon campus and other schools in the Santa Ana Unified School District, with teachers trying to help students in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

“He made a lot of people in my family cry,” Angel Avelar, 13, said.

Meanwhile, the Anaheim Union High School District told parents in recorded phone calls Thursday night that teachers and administrators “are being extra vigilant in supporting those who express fear or anxiety.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s board president sent out a message saying support would be offered to those who need it.

And Tom Torlakson, who oversees the state’s public schools, issued a statement late Thursday: “The election outcome has caused deep concern among many students and their families. ...

“In California, diversity is strength," he said. “And I want to tell young women and girls that they will always be safe, be respected, and be protected at school.”

In Santa Ana Unified, children gathered in circles, to talk.

“It doesn’t mean that it makes everything better, but it offers them a chance for their voices to be heard and a chance to recognize that they’re not alone," said Spurgeon's principal, Stuart Caldwell.

On Wednesday, some children had broken down crying, he said. One child said her family was already packing suitcases. Many boys and girls thought deportations would be imminent.

In Soberanis’ class, the eighth-graders expressed disappointment and sadness that so many Americans voted for Trump, a candidate who has disparaged women, called Mexicans criminals and demanded the immediate deportations of people living in the country illegally.

The school district, Orange County’s largest, is 96 percent Latino.

One student questioned whether America would ever be the same again...
Well, it's not going to be the same for the next four years at least, and hopefully longer. One thing that won't be the same is illegal aliens won't have a completely open sanctuary. There's a crackdown coming. How hard it's going to be I don't know, but some reports yesterday noted that an acceleration of deportations is on the Trump agenda come January. Personally, I'd rather see expedited deportations than a big push to build the wall, which would get bogged down in lawsuits, from what I understand. If illegals know they're going to be caught and punished, it's less likely they'll come in the first place.

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It's morning in America.