Monday, November 14, 2016

University of Rochester Professor Forced to Resign After Pro-Trump Facebook Rant


Things continue to spiral out of control.

At the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, "UR program head out for Facebook comment to Trump protesters":
He offered to buy bus fare to Canada for University of Rochester protesters of President-elect Donald Trump if they promised to not return.

Now, Ted Pawlicki won't be returning as director of the university's undergraduate computer science program.

Pawlicki resigned under pressure after posting his irreverent remark on a Facebook page promoting a campus demonstration dubbed "Not My America" that was held on Friday.

"A bus ticket from Rochester to Canada is $16," Pawlicki wrote on the page a day before the event. "If this is not your America, then I will pay for your ticket if you promise never to come back."

The comment, which was subsequently deleted, drew swift condemnation from scores of people, some of whom called Pawlicki "a bully" and "tone-deaf" and reported his remarks as a bias incident.

Pawlicki resigned following the demonstration. His departure was first reported by the university's student newspaper, the Campus Times.

"I apologize for my Facebook post of Thursday, November 10th," Pawlicki wrote in an email to computer science students and faculty announcing his resignation on Friday. "These remarks were ill-considered, and I deeply regret any and all hurt they occasioned."

His email went on to state that he decided to step down after consulting with the dean of the engineering school, Wendi Heinzelman, and the chair of the computer science department, Sandhya Dwarkadas...
Well, I guess the Trump era of anti-PC hasn't hit the campuses yet.

Still more.

ADDED: Pawlicki will continue teach at the university as a nontenured lecturer. He was forced to resign as the director of the undergrad computer science program.