Monday, November 2, 2020


I've probably posted this video before, but not this version, featuring famed session guitarist Andrian Belew. (Yep. Searching the blog brings up this ten-year-old post, "'Cause You Can Never Really Tell When Somebody...", where I discuss my music blogging at the time.)

Well, I don't commute to work anymore (during the continuing state school lock-down), so my normal "drive-time" music blogging is all messed up, lol. 

I probably just hang out in my Challenger now more nowadays, and I'll just listen to songs on YouTube. (I don't have satellite radio, which my wife reminds me about constantly.) I was also listening to music on Pandora over the summer (my sister, Chris, up in Boise, plays it while she's cooking). I'm not into subscription music services, though, so if I can get fine classic rock radio, I'm good. I've been recently sampling 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles. It's been around for decades, but I never liked it as much as KMET (the "Mighty Met"), but that station's ancient history.