Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'Cause You Can Never Really Tell When Somebody...

As much as I'm enjoying 100.3 The Sound (especially D.J. Larry Morgan), other than "Golden Years," I don't recall the playlist featuring anything from David Bowie's Station to Station. That recording includes songs from what's probably my favorite Bowie era, i.e., the Thin White Duke (I say probably because I'm torn between the late-'70s and the earlier Ziggy Stardust moment - a toss-up perhaps). I was thinking about what I'd write here, because I was into this album when I was a senior in high school and just after (1979), and of course we were all big partiers back then. Bowie fought some of his most intense personal demons at the time, and paradoxically produced some of his greatest work. Wikipedia's entry for Station to Station says it better than I can:
Station to Station is the tenth studio album by English musician David Bowie, released by RCA Records in 1976. Commonly regarded as one of his most significant works, Station to Station is also notable as the vehicle for Bowie's last great 'character', The Thin White Duke. The album was recorded after he completed shooting Nicolas Roeg's The Man Who Fell to Earth, and the cover featured a still from the movie. During the sessions Bowie was heavily dependent on drugs, especially cocaine, and recalls almost nothing of the production.
I've included two videos, primarily so that folks can listen to the studio production of "Stay." If you're a guitar lover, sink yourself into the sounds of Carlos Alomar, whose riffs here are as classic as anything from the likes of that other "Carlos," Carlos Santana. Plus, the funky - almost techno-Carribean sound -- is perhaps the hippest punk-pop-dance beats of the era. I was absolutely in heaven listening to the entire LP.

Anyway, get a kick here as well at Dinah Shore's introduction in 1976. Who's that with her and Henry Winkler? Not
Ruth Buzzi or Jo Anne Worley or ...?


Bob Belvedere said...

Ah...Wild Is The Wind, one of the great love ballads...played it many times as an old flame and I canoodled.