Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Left's Lynch Mob Rush-to-Judgment on James O'Keefe

From yesterday, FWIW, a MSM report at CNN, "Activist Proclaims Innocence in Landrieu Office Incident." Also at Los Angeles Times, "Activist Issues Statement About Landrieu Incident."

See O'Keefe's entry at Big Goverment yesterday, "
Statement from James O’Keefe."

Media Matters is pathetically freakin' over this whole thing, the smear-masters they are. See, "Not-So-Breitbart and the Story of James O'Keefe." And who knew that the ACORN sting was a white supremacist power grab? Desperate much?

But as I've reported here, the real story's been the left's lynch mob rush-to-judgment. The radical left's Marcy Wheeler has yet to retract her scurrilous libels. But see Kyle-Anne Shriver, for the overview: "
James O’Keefe Reveals an MSM Drowning in its Own Leftist Ideology."

Plus, at Big Journalism:

* "Correction Request: Newsweek."

* "
Correction Request: Talking Points Memo."

* "
Correction Request: Los Angeles Times."

* "
Correction Request: Associated Press."

* "
Correction Request: The Atlantic."

* "
Correction Request: The Huffington Post."

* "
Correction Request: MSNBC."

* "
Correction Request: CBS News."

* "
Correction Request: Daily Kos."

* "
Correction Request: The Hill."
I'm heading out to go shopping ... more blogging tonight!