Friday, January 22, 2010

Man, Ayla Brown is Tall!

Via Saberpoint, I just happened to notice this R.S. McCain interview with Ayla Brown. That woman is tall. Whoo hoo!! Be sure to read Stogie's comments:

Last time I wrote about height issues I got in a little trouble, but this time I blame Stogie!

At 5' 6½", George Stephanopoulos Debuts at Good Morning America - UPDATED!!"

Ayla Brown Acknowledges It: She Voted for Kerry (via Memeorandum).


dave in boca said...

When you're as well put together as Ayla and over six feet tall, I believe "statuesque" is the correct term! She is a showstopper and I understand she's getting a lot of male responses online to her daddy's teasing her about being available.

Rusty Walker said...

Well, write away on height issues! I, for one, have grown since then! (pun intended). That is, I have in the past unwittingly got caught up in the prevailing winds of political correctness, myself.

I realized something from own my initial baggage of growing up short- and this goes for the short, fat, To take offense, one has the choice to decide to take offense! There is too much we cannot say these days. Much offense stems from the “victim” mentality. We must decide that we have enough self-worth to stop deciding to take offense.

Let's now enjoy talking about the curiosities and facts of life.