Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Martha Coakley Concedes!

Saw it first at Jim Geraghty's Twitter. But see also Politico, "Coakley Concedes":

The Boston Globe reports that Martha Coakley has called Scott Brown to concede, according to a Brown aide.

Two Democrats confirmed the concession to POLITICO.

Her concession marks the most dramatic political upset in a generation, one that will be plumbed for meaning and spun over the next few days.

Please let me know what you think it means in the comments section, as I figure out what I think it means.


Kenneth Davenport said...

Donald -- I'm gloating a bit after having made my "Shock and Awe" prediction. This is huge -- and spells big trouble for the left in November! This is amazing!

RightKlik said...

This is the hope I'VE been waiting for!!

The tide has turned!

Rusty Walker said...

Great News!

TonyfromOz said...

The last time Massachusetts had a Republican Senator, Scott Brown was 10 years old. There are ten Congressmen from Mass., all Democrats, and it's been that way now for ten years. When this bluest of blue States swings this far away from the Democrats, it tells me that Americans as a whole are not disenchanted with Martha Coakley per se, or as an indicator as to how Scott Brown ran a tight campaign, because Democrats will always support Democrats, especially in Massachusetts. This is people who have come out to vote in a solid Democrat State to express an opinion as to the direction the Country is being taken. This Administration may have thought that they had a strong mandate to do what they are doing. This sends a message that that mandate just does not give them carte blanche to IMPOSE their agenda. This result will be spun for all its worth by Democrats looking for someone, or something to blame. If they need to lay blame, then it's as close as the mirror in their bathrooms.
This time, the people took aim at the collective Democrat fundament, and hit the target.

Tony from Queensland in Australia.

Grizzly Mama said...

Donald - my most recent post tells what I think it means. I think it's huge. If the Dems don't wake the hell up and understand what is going on - things will get ugly.