Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama One Year Fail

From the Kansas City Star, "President’s Ineptness Quite Clear After a Year":

What happened to the bright dreams, the hope and change? A year ago, fate handed President Obama one of the most tantalizing political opportunities in history.

His party enjoyed a blowout election. The Republicans were leaderless and devoid of ideas. The Democrats had hefty majorities in both houses of Congress. Obama had stratospheric approval ratings and the support of a nation profoundly fearful of the future.

And then he threw it all away. He outsourced chunks of his job to a left-wing congressional leadership that has learned nothing and forgotten nothing for the past 35 years.

What came next was one appalling legislative blob after another: the stimulus package that hasn’t stimulated, the cap-and-trade monster, the health care power-grab.

When Obama assumed office, he was still something of an enigma. Many asked: Who is this guy?

Well, now we know a lot more. The bottom line: He isn’t a good politician. Politics is an art, and Obama’s basic competence is highly suspect. He lacks the personal radar an effective politician must have — the instinct to know when you’re on solid ground and when you’re tilting at windmills. Obama has spent a year tilting at windmills.

The “art of the possible” isn’t static. With steady accomplishments, an effective leader can expand the zone of the possible. A winner draws new adherents, builds coalitions, acquires new strength for the next challenge.

For a weak leader, the opposite applies: His credibility shrinks, and so do the ranks of his followers. His ability to accomplish anything becomes doubtful.

This is the vicious circle that now ensnares Obama. He has succeeded mainly in uniting his opposition and dividing his own camp. House and Senate Democrats are openly sniping at one another. The hard left — Obama’s base — is writing him off as inept.

The sense of disarray was only reinforced by his State of the Union speech ....
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Dave said...

There have been numerous scams the left has pulled on the American people over the years. The passage of the 16th Amendment, Social Security, gun control, the federal departments of "Education" and Energy, and more recently TARP and Porkulus.

But their biggest scam of all time was getting the colossal fraud known as Barack Hussein Obama elected as the 44th POTUS.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for those who are now disheartened and disillusioned with Obama. All it would have taken to find out what he is all really about was a few short hours spent online doing a little research.

The information was out there.


Dana said...

The editorial got it wrong:

Well, now we know a lot more. The bottom line: He isn’t a good politician. Politics is an art, and Obama’s basic competence is highly suspect.

It isn't that President Obama isn't a good politician, it's that he isn't a good leader! Leaders take the lead, and President Obama hasn't really done that.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Angry Obama came to speak at the SOTU. Righteous Obama came to excoriate us for not falling in lockstep with his Great Vision. Narcissistic Obama appeared with his constant clucking of "I-I-I" and "me-me-me."

Will he pull and Clinton change a bit of direction?

Nope. Not gonna happen. It's not his nature.