Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama is the Katy Perry of Politics

From Kathleen McKinley (also at Right Wing News):

Pres. Obama is the Katy Perry of politics.

Let's face it. Katy Perry cannot sing. Just as Pres. Obama cannot govern. But both are stars anyway. We just like them. Katy is fun, bubbly, and pretty, But even auto tune cannot hide the fact that Katy can't sing a lick. The first time I watched her sing on TV I wondered if everyone in the audience would start laughing soon ....

It's the same with Obama. The speeches, the words, the teleprompters all give us the show we want to see. He's so darn "articulate," to use Vice President Biden's term. He's so darn good with the words that we all pretend that maybe he can actually govern and lead. That maybe he can actually get this economy going and bring America together.

They are both fun to watch. But sadly, neither Obama nor Katy can do what they are trying so hard to do.
This is, of course, a wonderful chance to post Katy Perry bikini shots!


Dennis said...

Did you ever wonder how someone who is supposed to be so damn articulate could say things like "I would rather be a good one term President than a.......?" It would seem that if one is good at the job then one would be re-elected?
If this was just one example it would not lead so many of us to question that supposed ability to articulate effectively, but much of what he reads from his teleprompter seems to meet the above example.
The more he speaks the more he whines which does not appear to be the capability of one who is suppose to be articulate. At least Katy Perry is somewhat attractive.