Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Reason to Hang Out With Robert Stacy McCain!

I've already already reported on picking up some freelance tricks of the trade when hanging with Robert Stacy McCain, but I guess there's more to that Southern Charm than previously noted:

One more reason why the dude deserves those awesome gonzo awards!!


Bob Belvedere said...

Stacy's reached that age where young women no longer find him a threat and think of him as 'cute'. Its not and age thing, mind you, but an appearence thing. Stacy in that pic looks like a next door neighbor in an updated version of Mayberry RFD who spends most of his time either fishing or hanging out with Floyd at the barber shop.

Prof: You and I are around Stacy's age, but we're both still babe magnets. Its the looks, I tell you, the looks and the way we carry ourselves.