Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Advice for Obama's State of the Union

This clip is from the House Republican Conference:

That's Conference Chairman Mike Pence, who is introduced as a "moderate." I'm not exactly sure what that is, since I'm not very familiar with Mike Pence. But he's certainly right that the administration doesn't get it.

I like watching the SOTU for the majesty of the event, frankly. While the importance of the speech can be debated (check the links below), I'm fascinated by the notion that this is the one time when you can actually see the entire U.S. government together in one place (and I still love the ritual of the "
designated survivor," when at least one cabinet secretary skips the president's speech and instead is whisked away to a secret location with a briefcase containing the nation's nuclear launch codes).

Anyway, Jennifer Rubin makes a great case for lowering expecations, "
When Conventional Liberalism Fails, What Next?"

And for those libertarian readers I seem to be picking up, check Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie, "
Advice to Barack Obama by Two People Who Didn't Vote for Him (or John McCain)."

I'll naturally comment on the speech itself, so check back later.

RELATED: From the Washington Post, "President to Address GOP Opponents Directly." (Via.) And Reaganite Republican, "State of the Union Address 2010" (live streaming).


Dennis said...

I have an idea to help solve all of our problems. For every time Obama says the word "I" every leftist has to drink of strong alcoholic beverage. Since one of Obama's last speeches contained the word "I" 132 times most leftists would be too drunk to make sense for the next year. Never mind they don't make sense now.

Dennis said...

We used to have a saying in the military that "You can polish a turd, but it is still a turd." This speech was the equivalent of polishing the same turd from last year and being tone deaf enough to expect it not to stink because the "One" polished it more.
One is left asking the question that if some of the things he mentioned, such as nuclear power and off-shore drilling, are now on the table then why did the Obama administration not do them in 2009? Many of the things mentioned could have been done in 2009.
It would have been nice to hear a State of the Union speech instead of the same old tired campaign speech.