Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Brown Goes to Washington

This is cool. From the Los Angeles Times, "GOP's Brown Takes Washington by Storm":

On the day when Democrats seemed to ease away from immediate action on healthcare overhaul, the man whose Senate campaign was built on opposition to the current legislation took Washington by storm.

Sporting a we-can-work-together attitude, Massachusetts Republican Sen.-elect Scott Brown arrived at the Capitol, where he was surrounded by media as he paid courtesy calls to Republicans and Democrats.

“I read in an article that you getting elected will make my job easier,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said at some of the numerous photo opps that dotted Brown’s day and became a staple of cable news outlets across the political spectrum.

“You’ve been very gracious in reaching out,” Brown replied. “I appreciate the gesture.”

“You are entering the Senate at a time when the country is in deep trouble,” Reid said. That’s “a lot of what your campaign was about.”

In his race, Brown rode a wave of unhappiness with the pending healthcare bills passed with just one Republican vote in the House and without any GOP support in the Senate. Brown pledged to be the 41st GOP vote against the bill, in effect forcing the healthcare debate to move beyond a battle within the governing Democrats.

Republicans have been pushing to reopen the process and to start the legislative deliberations all over. Democrats are weighing their options in combining the two bills, which would still need 60 votes to pass the Senate over united GOP opposition.

One plan, to have the House pass the Senate version and send it President Obama, seemed dead for now after Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a televised news conference that her members had problems with some of the provisions of the Senate bill.

“In its present form, without change, I don’t think it’s possible to pass the Senate bill in the House,” Pelosi said. “We are not in a big rush.” Congress will “take the time it needs to consider the options.”

If anything, Pelosi’s comments put an even brighter spotlight on Brown, who, like fellow New England Republican Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, is regarded as more moderate than others in the GOP caucus.
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