Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update on James O'Keefe

Here's the latest from the Washington Post, "ACORN Foe Tweeted About Planned Sting of Sen. Landrieu's Office" (via Memeorandum). However, no tweet cited there says any such thing:

On New Year's Eve, conservative activist James O'Keefe telegraphed across the Internet that he was up to something big.

On the social networking site Twitter, he said that his past undercover video stings had exposed wrongdoing at Democratic-leaning organizations -- and he foreshadowed one more in the offing.

"2008: Planned Parenthood VPs fired 2009: ACORN defunded 2010: Get ready cuz this is about to get heavy," he wrote on his public Twitter page, dubbed "JamesOKeefeIII."
Actually, checking O'Keefe's Twitter page, it's interesting that it's the big media outlets who've been issuing retractions on this story. As I noted immediately on Tuesday, Marcy Wheeler at Firedoglake (who crudely characterizes the episode as "TeaBuggerGate") had already accused Breitbart of involvement before any facts were known, and of course ACORN was throwing a party at the news. Our media world is TFUBAR when stories like this get turned around and folks like James O'Keefe are painted as criminals before anyone knows a thing. (And if you dig real dirt on the left's demonic shakedown artists, that's not "real journalism.") We now know, of course, that initial allegations of intent to wiretap Senator Landrieu's office were false. Jill Stanek has written a post reflecting her belief in O'Keefe and her vindication as new information has come in. See, "The arrest of James O'Keefe."

But in case you missed it, here this from
the comments at Althouse the other night:

What's wrong with you people? James O'Keefe did America a big favor once, and I'll wait to hear what he was fishing for this time before I condemn him or call him stupid. If he has a legal defense fund, I'm in. Why should he pay for doing what the media refuses to do? That kid's a hero. Investigative journalism ain't no "15 minutes of fame" bullshit, it's serious business - y'all need to get serious as well.

I support good people - not goodie-goodie - and James O'Keefe's contribution to this latest incarnation of conservatism - The Tea Party Movement - can't be overstated. It's bigger than Scott Brown's, though Brown was in a better situation to have an impact, because these were kids - acting when nobody else would - proving to the world we were right about the corruption of ACORN all along. That was the crack in liberalism's facade and you know it.

This young man realigned our political world. Like I said, I'm with him until I hear more. The fact the rest of you have to think about it, or are assuming anything already, gives me pause:

What does loyalty mean to you?


Timeshare Jake said...

I find it interesting the United States government agasint the Fourth Amendment gets away with this every day. They will make an example out of O'Keefe.

I write today on my blog about Timothy Geithner who lied on federal papers to cover corruption at AIG. If I lie on my taxes or the census, I am on my way to jail.

Nothing shows the tyranny of the United States government than these little examples of how those in government are treated different than the little guy looking for truth.