Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio's St. Bart's Photo-Shoot

At Fox News, of all places, "Pure Ambrosio: Alessandra Ambrosio's St. Bart's Shoot." And at Celebrity Gossip, "Alessandra Ambrosio: St. Bart's Beach Babe":

Alessandra just had a baby, it turns out. But sheesh, I'd have been happy for her to keep a little of the mama-fat. A little too skinny for me, but I'm sure Gator Doug and Troglo don't mind. And I know R.S. McCain's got no quibbles!


TrogloPundit said...

She's a little on the skinny side for me, too. But no, I don't mind.

Rusty Walker said...

Small dictators? Don't forget Kim Jong-il.

But, for power and height, don't forget, great things can come in small packages: the great Winston Churchill was only 5'7" as was John Adams: To make a make a histogram of presidential heights you would use these increasing intervals: 5'4"-5'6" | 5'7"-5'9" | 5'9 1/2"-5'11 1/2" | 6'-6'2" | over 6'2"

…And, unfortunately our current, tall president is not making full use of his potential.