Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio's St. Bart's Photo-Shoot

At Fox News, of all places, "Pure Ambrosio: Alessandra Ambrosio's St. Bart's Shoot." And at Celebrity Gossip, "Alessandra Ambrosio: St. Bart's Beach Babe":

Alessandra just had a baby, it turns out. But sheesh, I'd have been happy for her to keep a little of the mama-fat. A little too skinny for me, but I'm sure Gator Doug and Troglo don't mind. And I know R.S. McCain's got no quibbles!


Philippe Öhlund said...

Yeah, Alessandra is very pretty, Donald! :-)

I agree she's little skinny.

Beautiful women are often skinny, just like all these crazy dictators usually are small, really.

Kim Jong Il? Tiny guy. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Tiny guy. Mayor Bloomberg? Tiny guy.

TrogloPundit said...

She's a little on the skinny side for me, too. But no, I don't mind.

Rusty Walker said...

Small dictators? Don't forget Kim Jong-il.

But, for power and height, don't forget, great things can come in small packages: the great Winston Churchill was only 5'7" as was John Adams: To make a make a histogram of presidential heights you would use these increasing intervals: 5'4"-5'6" | 5'7"-5'9" | 5'9 1/2"-5'11 1/2" | 6'-6'2" | over 6'2"

…And, unfortunately our current, tall president is not making full use of his potential.