Friday, January 29, 2010

Appreciate Life (Our Moral Foundation) - Nothing is More Important

I don't see it, but there's a link to my blog posted somewhere at Think Progress (the entry's on CBS' decision for a pro-life Super Bowl ad featuring college football star Tim Tebow). Reading it, I genuinely can't remember seeing so much hatred in one blog post, for example:

Religion is to the human spirit as fecal matter is to the body. From time to time it must voided and it’s traces thoroughly wiped away ....


Spare me all this pious christianista bullshit.

Pam Tebow had a CHOICE.

A choice she and the other God-smacked wingnuts want to take away from every other woman.
Societies have been aborting pregnancies for millenia...

Get over it and mind your own f ucking business...

Dobson, the Bushes, the TREASON-baggers, and all their affiliates:

ALL call themselves “christian”.


See what I mean ... there's some intense hatred pent-up in that thread, and that's just a tiny sample!

God these people are whacked! But that's probably a pretty good background for talking about some developments on the pro-life front, in any case.

My friend Jill Stanek is blogging at Big Journalism now. See, "Update on Newsweek's flagrantly false story on the March for Life." And, "What the MSM Got Wrong About the March for Life: Most Everything Important."

Plus, check this awesome viddy from Red Virginia Conservative, "Media Malpractice at March for Life":

My wife and I have been lucky with our family and our health. When our youngest son was born (he's seen below from last Halloween), my wife had some complications at the delivery. The umbilical cord was wrapped around my son's neck, and the doctor was struggling in bringing him into the world. (I remember my wife having to push much, much harder and longer than when my first son was born.) Anyway, my son wasn't breathing for minute or two, although it seemed like forever. My wife was crying and totally distraught. I was confident that both my wife and son were in good hands and all would be fine. But I do remember finally taking a breath myself when I heard my son's first cry. This story probably doesn't compare to all the other phenomenal stories of pro-life heroes dealing with the survival of right and dignity in the protection of the innocent. But it's the first thing that came to me this morning when reading all the hate at Think Progress, and then Jill Stanek's articles on the left-wing anti-life propaganda campaign.

As I've written recently, nothing is more important to the future of this nation than the protection of life, from conception to natural death. This is the political battle that's foundational to all others, from healthcare to national security. It's not a matter of taking away women's rights, as the hate-addled commenters above would have folks believe. It's about living a live of goodness and morality, and standing to fight for principles when all really is on the line.


The Griper said...

women never did have a right to an abortion and they still don't.

the right they speak of is a right that belongs to doctors not the woman. any laws that deny abortions are laws against the doctor performing them with exceptions.

if it was a woman's right a doctor could not legally deny her of one when told. it is a doctor's choice of whether or not he is willing to perform the operation not the woman's.

the most a woman can do is deny a doctor the right to perform an operation upon her body.

so, their whole argument is a misleading argument.