Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown's Daughters

I think last night really demonstrated the immediacy and power of Twitter. When Scott Brown announced that his daughters were "available," Kathleen McKinley sent this tweet in real time:

I saw a few more tweets from women bloggers who were similarly shocked. It wasn't the high point of Brown's speech, but he's easily forgiven considering the emotional high of the moment.

It turns out that
Glenn Beck's not cutting Brown any slack:

I wish Beck would have laid off this bit, especially since he's ostensibly on Brown's side, but what can you do.? The show must go on. Dan Riehl has more:
Oh, I know. It's just comedy. But it won't be in two years when liberals supporting Brown's opponent troll it up to initiate a discussion around Scott Brown's victory speech - without the context of the whole thing. Nah, they'll just be citing a former CPAC speaker to engage in smear tactics against Brown because Beck is being given political credibility by the Right.

Most won't appreciate that, now. But Beck's radio show which, truthfully, relatively few people listen to compared to the other national hosts, will provide the Left with a treasure trove of remarks taken out of context to hurt the Right at the polls. But, why should Beck care? He's getting paid for it, after all.


Carol said...

I wasn't bothered by Brown's comment about his daughter in the least. I thought it was kind of cute. People need to lighten up.

Nikki said...

Glenn is a retard and I say that as a fellow Mormon. At some point the conservative elite need to scoot over and give us RINO's a room to call our own and win some friggin elections, like this one. No way in hell a far right libertarian leaning candidate would have taken that seat, he needs to STFU IMO. I thought Scott was damn sexy and could care less about his bumbling. He is freaking HOT and I am all about the HOT vote. :)N

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

My guess?

Brown will be one of the FIRST Republicans to be solicited by the Demorats to pull into the ObamaKare bill.

The Big Question: does he GO there?


Aine said...

All of the women I converse with on Twitter agree with Allahpundit's article today on HotAir []: this is one of those father/daughter moments that most of us understand. It's not PC, but it's what real families with strong relationships do.

It's unfortunate that a flawless campaign and a good platform are being overlooked for this goofy moment that obviously Brown's family understood and thought was funny.

I definitely think Glenn Beck went over the line with this, humor or no, and I really love the man...but that was just too much. People need to lighten up and focus on the real priorities, not the insignificant stuff like this.

MarySue said...

I commented on this twice at Hot Air and was just writing about it but I haven't posted yet. I grew up one of four girls with a father who made comments like this. I get why people think Brown's comments were a little shocking but I also know my father was my biggest cheerleader in life as I am sure Brown is for Ayla and Arianna. Family jokes just don't always play well outside the house.

Brown was caught in the moment and yes he probably would have been better off not saying this. Beck's obsession with it as well as the playgirl pic strike me as much more bizarre and decidedly reckless.

Carol said...

I agree with Aine and MarySue. I can hear my Dad make the same kind of comment. MarySue is correct that some things just don't play as well outside the house but my question is, why? Have we gotten so PC that we no longer allow good natured joshing between a father and his daughters?

And by the way, I have a 29 uear old son who is available. Just saying.

Rusty Walker said...

BECK! stand down!!

This is where you stand back and listen to what the women in the audience think of it, before you go off on a politically-correct play to the audience, self-righteous rant, criticizing something of which all men are capable.

I love the women on your blog for their comments, which are typical of women who love and understand men. Guys like Glenn Beck, and myself included, are perfectly capable of making stupid remarks regarding their daughters, especially after relaxing and being a little off-guard. I have two daughters and learned my lessons the hard way, the way well-meaning fathers do. Beck needs to stop believing his own press, and stop taking himself so seriously.