Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shopping the O.C.!

Okay, some pics from the day's shopping excursion with my son, American Power Progeny #1. This is Tilly's at The District in Tustin. That's Borders on the right, and upstairs is a bowling alley:

My son bought five shirts, but I got a couple for myself as well. I was stoked to find this Independent Trucks t-shirt in XX-Large!

I like this mall, but we had gift cards to Barnes and Noble, so off we went, headed south to the Spectrum Center. But did you know that The District is part of a massive development project located at the old Marine Corps Air Station at Tustin? I snapped this shot as we were about to get on Jamboree north. The blimp hangers housed military blimps used during WWII coastal missions. I watched Pearl Harbor (Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Alec Baldwin) over the Christmas holidays, and I noticed the film's scene for the launch of Doolittle's Raid on the Japanese mainland was filmed at MCAS Tustin. (A pretty cool Saab commercial from a few years back was filmed there as well, and many others I imagine.)

Here's the Spectrum's carousel:

I checked my blog at the Apple store. I asked an associate about the iPad. They're pretty affordable, actually, and there are accessories like keyboard docks so the unit can be used for traditional blogging or writing:

The Spectrum also has a huge ferris wheel. I took my boy on it when he was smaller, when the center opened a few years ago:

I bought some new slacks and a couple of casual button-down shirts at Nordstrom's. I'm down a few pounds, but I could use to drop a lot more (and thus I'm holding off on a suit for work until later):

Here's Barnes and Noble. That's AmPower Progeny #1 walking inside:

My boy bought a DVD and he was impatient to watch it. So, I took him home and then went back to the mall to get something to eat and buy some shoes to go with my new pants and shirts. If you come to SoCal, let me know and we'll have a nice healthy lunch at Wahoo's Fish Tacos:

On business days, at lunch time, the line wraps around to the left of this woman and her daughter, and then out the front door into the mall (I'm standing in the doorway):

But you can have a seat while you're waiting, on this bench, made of skateboards:

Beautiful Lupita was nice enough to let me take her picture!

I had the chicken tacos with black pinto beans, brown rice, and water with lemon. The service is wonderful:

I'll have some pictures of my new clothes tomorrow. I'm heading back out right now to the movies, to see The White Ribbon. I should have a report on that as well, so check back!


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

we had gift cards to Barnes and Noble,

Did you get anything? I recommend (highly) Marc Thiessen's "Courting Disaster".