Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrats Need to Feel It...

From Amy Walter, one of my favorite political analysts, "Will Democrats Feel Voters' Pain? The Party Won't Win Back Independents This Year Simply By Attacking Opponents":

After all the finger-pointing and hand-wringing are done over Martha Coakley's once improbable Senate loss in Massachusetts, Democrats have to stop scapegoating (bad candidates, bad polls, bad advice) and start to figure out how they can stop what is shaping up to be an electoral disaster this year.

Lots of Democrats blame their 54-seat loss in the House in 1994 on a lack of preparation and hubris. This year, they say, they're ready for the fight. With enough preparation and money, they can define the contours of their races before the political mood and their opponents do it for them. Coakley, for her part, didn't seem to take Republican Scott Brown or the mood of the electorate all that seriously. By the time she finally engaged him, it was too late ...
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