Sunday, July 11, 2010

Complete and Utter Awesome Movie Trailer — 'The Expendables'

The Expendables (via Sundries Shack):

HAT TIP: Sundries Shack, "Here It Is, the Greatest Movie Trailer I Have Ever Seen."
Men, are you sick and tired of wussified chick flicks and metrosexual leading men? Does the flood of glittery vampires from Hollywood cause the bile to rise in your throat? Has the Oprahfication of our culture left you craving real entertainment red meat, with explosions and scenery-chewing villans and hot women and heroes who toss as many quips as grenades?

Well, here you go ....
Interesting is that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a cameo, which I'm betting is a pre-launch for his post-gubernatorial Hollywood comeback.

Also cool is
Jason Statham, who is currently my fave action star — and he might be enough to get me to plunk down a Hamilton to see it.

The Return of the Action Flick All-Stars."