Saturday, July 17, 2010

Selective Comment Moderation at Lawyers, Gays and Money — NTTAWWT!!

Hey, those dudes at Lawyers, Gays and Money really do mix it up!

And hey, who knows, perhaps
RepMaster3's been holding out on us! Our gay-backing nihilist has a whole "harem" of blogs. Topping it off with a little side gig smacking down some Gay Money trackbacks to LGM? That's what I'm talking about, yo! If it feels good do it, dude!

And just think I've been working on a comment moderation post since the "good" fellas over at
Lawers, Gays and Money banned me, but I can dig it ... turns out these homies like to schwing!

Here's the screencap for comment moderation at LGM Saturday morning. Posted there is the information for SEK's and Robert Farley's academic departments. I have NOT contacted their places of employment, but seeing how leftists love workplace intimidation, maybe what's good for the goose...? (Considering, of course, their libelous allegations of juvenile sex offenses, nothing of which was remotely in evidence when Repsac3's Swash Zone allies contacted LBCC.)


Seriously, I had left this post late Saturday morning, but it was blocked in moderation:
Scotty Lame-ieux: I'd be banned for posting Robert and Scott's contact information, after all these years of the lovely snark fests I've had in the comments? This morning was the first time I've gotten a "waiting for moderation" notice. My interest is in your removal of the libelous material, which is not okay. Respective academic departments might agree, even the nice folks at Hunter College.
So, basically, comments from a neocon truth-teller like me get the memory hole, while "The Best Penis Excercises" get the LGM pattycake boost! That is so butch! And naturally, it's all perfectly legal (unlike LGM's lies about juvenile sex offenses), although no doubt the respective LGM department chairs would be interested in the kind of lascivious hot gay money (sex?) sites available for those liberated LGM readers. NTTAWWT!!


* "The Importance of Gay Money in Today’s Society?"
* "
Penis Enlarging Excercises – Best Penis Exercises – Enlarge Penis Having Sex Male Penis Enlargement."

And geez, now I know why Un-exDLB's a fanatical LGM reader! (Recall that he's a connoisseur of "choice" lesbian soft porn himself.)

(The full post is here: "The Geithner/Warren Question."And here's a screencap just in case this goes down the tubes as kinda compromising.)


Dana said...

What? The Patterson School is now on the fourth floor of the Patterson Office Tower? When I was there, the Pat School offices were on the 16th floor!

What a comedown! :(