Sunday, March 18, 2012

Illinois Republican Primary Unlikely to Be Decisive

At Los Angeles Times, "Republican divide persists in Illinois":

There's something about Mitt Romney that, to use her words, creeps LaDonna Talbert out.

She doesn't trust the Republican presidential hopeful and isn't convinced by his jeans and open-collar shirts that Romney relates to the people of small-town and rural America. Her dismissive advice: "Just go back to the suit, dude."

On Tuesday, Talbert plans to vote for Rick Santorum in the Illinois primary, even though she knows it will be tough for him to overtake Romney and wrestle the nomination away.

Some Republicans, believing the outcome is certain, want the race to end for fear all the mudslinging is undermining their chances of beating President Obama in November.

Not Talbert, 47, who teaches high school English in Wayne City, population 1,000 or so. "I like to see the democratic process take place," she said. "Isn't that what a democracy is? We keep voting and see how the people believe?"

Illinois, home to the nation's third-biggest city and a celebrated past president — as well as the current one — has a history of closing out presidential nominating battles, having crowned half a dozen winners since 1976. Not this time, however. Regardless of who wins Tuesday — polls give Romney the edge — the Republican skirmishing will almost certainly go on, perhaps into June or beyond.
VIDEO: Marathon Pundit, "Video: Rick Santorum's message to Illinois conservatives."