Sunday, March 18, 2012

On-Air and Off, Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly is Smokin' in Well-Tailored Classics

A great piece, at Los Angeles Times, "Megyn Kelly's classic fashion style":
Reporting from New York —— Whether you're an avid viewer of Fox News or have only a passing acquaintance with the network, it's been nearly impossible not to notice anchorwoman and "America Live" host Megyn Kelly. Particularly during the GOP primary round of debates and Super Tuesday coverage, Kelly's position in the lead anchor chair along with co-anchor Bret Baier has put the 41-year-old blond front and center at Fox News as the network's fresh face and opinionated voice of this election season.

Kelly, a former lawyer and subject of a rather racy 2010 GQ photo shoot (for which she makes no apologies), is known for direct, no-nonsense reporting, which has drawn commentary from fans, critics and comedians alike. She's been famously ridiculed, for instance, for calling pepper spray "a food product, essentially" and lauded for defending Chaz Bono's turn on "Dancing With the Stars." Her in-studio interview Wednesday with presidential contender Mitt Romney drew commentary from across the political spectrum.

For Kelly, it's all in a day's work.
More at the link.

And that GQ photo-spread is here: "Megyn Kelly in GQ."