Friday, April 13, 2012

London's Daily Mail: 'Lesbian Democrat' Apologizes for Saying Mrs. Romney 'Never Worked a Day in Her Life'

Well, shoot, at least somebody decided to mention that Hilary Rosen is a lesbian freak radical feminist.

See: "'Mrs Romney seems like a very nice woman': Obama forced to defend rival's wife as lesbian Democrat apologises for saying she's 'never worked a day in her life'."
Records show that Rosen, a former lobbyist with the recording industry and link person between Hollywood and the Democratic party, belongs to a firm paid more than $120,864 by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) this election cycle.

But the DNC denied she was an adviser and Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, said he personally knew three people called Hilary Rosen, did not know how often she had been to the White House and had no idea what her meetings had been about.

Appearing on CNN, Rosen appeared pained by the White House’s virtual denial of her existence. ‘I don't know any other Hilary Rosens but Jay must,’ she said. ‘It's politics.’

The DNC accused conservatives of attacking Rosen for being a lesbian. The adoptive mother of two children, Rosen split up with her long-time partner and co-adoptee Elizabeth Birch in 2006.
Actually, "conservatives" didn't attack Rosen for being lesbian --- an act of omission which is easily explained by the cancer of political correctness infecting society. A blogger at Red State mentioned but DID NOT JUDGE Rosen's sexual orientation, and then in a separate post Erick Erickson went batsh*t crazy while attempting to slap down the mere mention of Rosen's lesbianism by the Catholic League.

So let's be honest here: Rosen's homosexuality has everything to do with how she sees family, motherhood, and work. She was rightly called out for a vicious attack on Mrs. Romney, and it's perfectly clear to me that her comments were driven, at least in part, by sheer radical lesbian feminist ideological hatred --- and to think, it all flows out so easily, from a top-level Democrat Party insider. These are people who are supposed to be tolerant and accepting of difference, when in fact the difference they despise and demonize is traditionalism and moral righteousness. If we've learned anything this last week it's that political correctness is destroying reasoned debate in society. While few people would comment on black thuggery as did John Derbryshire, the guy is supposed to have a constitutional right to speak his mind. And now what? He's thrown under the bus by the editorial heavyweights at National Review? What a disgrace. And here we have Erick Erickson, who was in fact on CNN debating Rosen at the time, defending this progressive political hack against the mere mention of her sexual orientation. Gee, wouldn't want to offend anyone, you think?

Just because someone is gay doesn't mean you can't talk about how their gayness radicalizes their politics. Progressives have no inhibitions against destroying the other for political gain, absolutely none. When you keep progressives' sexual identity under the table you're channeling off a tremendous amount of political information. That sexual orientation animates a politics of vile opposition and attack that in turn benefits from a set of self-defeating double-standards that the right applies only to itself. See Maggie's Notebook for more: "Elizabeth Birch - The Children’s Other Mom - Hilary Rosen Worries About Same Things Ann Romney Worries About." These people are radical. Call them out for who they are and what the stand for. All of Rosen's apologies and clarifications have been CYA bullsh*t. People shouldn't be kidding themselves about it. Just take a look at this post from TBogg --- "The Umbrage Games" --- and you can see that progressives play to destroy and they play for keeps. They live off of this stuff and it's how they'll put you under if you're not pushing back.

More, thank goodness, at Bob Belvedere's, "Ann Romney Attacked By Crazed Lesbian." And again, at The Other McCain, "Feminism, Careerism, Lesbianism":
What the hell? Liberals consider this an “apology”?
Spare me the faux anger from the right who view the issue of women’s rights and advancement as a way to score political points.
Rosen is defending, not apologizing for, her hateful attitude toward traditional wives and mothers. And please tell me who spent weeks trying to “score political points” on this issue, huh?

And let's not forget: Ann Romney is a beautiful, wonderful mother and wife --- and Mitt's truly enriched to have her campaigning at his side.