Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jewish Federation of Los Angeles Cancels Pamela Geller Event After Threats from Council on American–Islamic Relations

I've been seeing Pamela's posts going up, but haven't had a chance to get something  published.

And remember, as we follow the anti-free speech attacks on Aaron Walker and others, remember the constant battles Pamela Geller is forced to wage just to get her message out. God bless her. 

See: "Jewish Surrender: LA Jewish Federation Submits To Hamas-linked Muslim Groups, Cancels Geller Event."

Pamela's sponsors found an alternative venue. See: "VIDEO: The Speech the LA Jewish Federation Feared You Would Hear, Pamela Geller at ZOA, Western Division."

And here's the rest of Pamela's reporting:

* "Proud Zionists Defeat LA Jewish Federation."

* "Bad Journalism 101: LA Times Repeats Islamic Supremacist Talking Points In Covering Cancellation of Geller Speech."

* "Hamas-CAIR and LA Jewish Federation Make Common Cause Against Zionists."

* "Victory! LA Jewish Federation Apologizes for Cancelling Geller Talk."