Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Rats Jump Ship: Sen. Claire McCaskill Won't Attend Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

The symbolism is off the charts here.

If folks recall, Sen. McCaskill was the administration's biggest congressional point person on healthcare reform throughout 2009. So if she's going to skip the president's nomination for a second term --- which should be a crowning achievement for the party --- then you know something's wrong.

See TPM, "Claire McCaskill Will Not Attend Democratic National Convention" (via Instapundit).

At the video, Sen. McCaskill claims there would be no "death panels" in ObamaCare: "It's just not true." Of course, everybody knows that health rationing, especially for older patients, were central to the law's cost savings projections --- and I read the bill myself. Death panels were in there baby. Watch after 3:00 minutes at the clip:

And note something here: I skimmed McCaskill's Senate YouTube page from 2009, when she launched it, and I can't find a single video with her advocating for the law. And I recall seeing her on all the Sunday talk shows at the time --- she was wall to wall talking about that bill! Seriously, this is telling. She's also got a new channel, "ClaireMcCaskill2012's channel." And no sign of ObamaCare talking head videos there either.

Man, it's like she's erasing her political history!

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