Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Larry Brinkin, President of the California Association of Human Relations Organizations (CAHRO), Gay Rights Icon, Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

This is the kind of guy that Walter James Casper III champions and defends. You know, if you call out the gay radical extremists for their inherent criminal perversions, you will be attacked as a bigot who hates "teh gays". F-king progressive assholes. This is 100 percent in sync with what these people are all about.

See the San Francisco Chronicle, "S.F. gay rights advocate arrested over child porn":

Larry Brinkin
San Francisco police have arrested veteran gay rights advocate Larry Brinkin in connection with felony possession of child pornography.

Brinkin, 66, who worked for the San Francisco Human Rights Commission before his retirement in 2010, was taken into custody Friday night. He spent the night in jail before he was released on bail, according to a spokeswoman for the sheriff's department.

The district attorney's office will decide Tuesday whether to file charges. "We're still reviewing the case," district attorney's spokeswoman Stephanie Ong Stillman said Monday.

Police say that Brinkin had pornographic images, some that appear to show children as young as 1 and 2 or 3 years old being sodomized and performing oral sex on adult men, in e-mail attachments linked to his account, according to a search warrant served by San Francisco police.
More at the link.

And have a barf bag ready for this description from SF Weekly, "Larry Brinkin, S.F. Gay Rights Icon, Arrested on Child Porn Charges":
According to the search warrant, SFPD acted after receiving a tip from the Los Angeles Police Department, which obtained from AOL an e-mail exchange between a Los Angeles user and zack3737@aol.com. Police say they linked the AOL address to Brinkin’s IP address; he is owner of the account and paid for AOL service with his credit card.

The warrant claims these e-mails contained images of children as young as perhaps a year old being sodomized by and performing oral sex on adult men. Zack3737@aol.com — whom the police allege is Brinkin — provided graphic commentary on the photos of interracial adult-child sex. Comments included “I loved especially the nigger 2 year old getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond bitch is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White Dick Rules!”

The AOL e-mail account was also linked to Yahoo! Groups centering around discussions of child porn, according to the search warrant. Investigators say they additionally found e-mails sent from Brinkin’s now-defunct city e-mail account to zack3737@aol.com.
In classic Walter James Casperian fashion, the LezGetReal blog throws up a smokescreen:
There have been incidents where people have been arrested for possessing child pornography on their computer that turned out to be malware using the computer to launder the images. This can often be difficult for people to prove, however.

Do not be surprised that anit-LGBT organizations will use this arrest against the Community; however, it is important to remember that most pedophiles identify as straight, and there are many straight people who have been arrested, charged, and convicted for possession of child pornography.
Right. Just malware. And of course, the generic "everybody does it" excuse makes this the perfect Casperian defense.

But don't be fooled. While sure there will be heteros who do such evil. The difference is such criminal perversion and depredation is fundamental to the radical left's anything goes revolutionary sexual agenda. Call this shit out for what it is: endemic to radical progressivism.

Hat Tip: Memorandum and PJ Media.

ADDED: More about Brinkin at the CAHRO homepage.