Monday, June 25, 2012

The Left's Meltdown Continues: 'Balloon Juice' Screams 'F*ck You, New York Times' After Newspaper Publishes Campbell Brown's Epic Planned Parenthood Smackdown

This is really something else.

My theory is that most popular lefty blogs are popular simply because they notch up the vile attacks to the level of nitroglycerin. DougJ has a perfect example at Balloon Juice, "Si, Senor", reposted here in its entirety for the full effect:
I’d understand publishing this if there was some plausible way to paint Campbell Brown as a nonpartisan moderate or whatever, but there’s not. She’s Dan Senor’s fucking wife. If you want to call me sexist, I’d say the same thing if the Times published something like this from Todd Palin.
PLANNED PARENTHOOD has a large target on its back. At no time in the organization’s history has it faced such a concerted Congressional challenge to its agenda. But most worrisome is the organization’s shrinking number of defenders, and Planned Parenthood has only itself to blame. It has adopted a strategy driven by blind partisanship, electing to burn bridges instead of building them. That strategy is damaging, and possibly imperiling, its mission.
Fuck you, New York Times. You stay afloat because hippies like me pay for a subscription even though we could read you for free. And then you throw this shit in our faces as if it was the height of seriousness. Fuck you.
Well, yeah, that's just a little bit sexist, you think?

I mean, "Si, Senor," is basically "yes sir" in Spanish, and that implies that Campbell Brown doesn't have an independent thought of her own, that she's just regurgitating her husband's talking points. Recall that Dan Senor served during the Bush administration as the spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. Shoot, that's just gotta drive progressives batsh*t crazy, and thus explains how unhinged these people are that the New York Times would deign to give space to lefty journalist who's married to a hated neocon.

Campbell Brown

Brown's full essay is here: "Planned Parenthood’s Self-Destructive Behavior."

BONUS: This piece from Kathleen Geier notes that Dan Senor is an adviser to the Romney campaign, at the Washington Monthly, "Concern troll of the day: Campbell Brown."

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