Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Muslim Mob Attacks Christians at 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival

This is a long video. I was running in and out checking on my kid while I was trying to watch it yesterday. But it's worth it. For a while it looks like just plastic bottles are being thrown, but as the Christians start to move off, they are pelted with all kinds of debris and human waste, apparently. But throughout the Christians are being verbally abused, and viciously. And check especially around 18:00 minutes when Ruben Israel is being threatened with arrest by the cops. The Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar is especially an asshole. Nothing at the clip indicates that the Christians weren't allowed to protest the event. And again, when you get to Deputy Jaafar, you can see pretty much how it all shakes out. The violent mob isn't the problem. It's the peaceful Christians, respectfully standing their ground, who are subjected to police harassment. It's all so un-American, but again, the left is un-American. They're raping our right to freedom of speech in this country.

In any case, via Pat Dollard, "Doing Allah’s Will: Muslims Stone Christians In Dearborn, Michigan While Local Police Cower In Fear."

The video's a production of The United West. See: "American Muslims Stone Christians." And Joe Newby has an Examiner post: "Christians stoned by American Muslims in Dearborn as police watch."