Wednesday, June 27, 2012

College Football Scraps BCS System, Will Move to Playoffs in 2014

The information's still kinda sketchy.

See Chris DuFresne at the Los Angeles Times, "Bye-bye BCS: College football will have a four-team playoff," and "New college football playoff system won't end debates":

The throw-it-in-the-dumpster party is set for 2014, when the old carton likely gets replaced with a "playoff" involving four teams and Jerry Jones' enormous stadium/ego.

"BCS" follows "Enron" and "USFL" into history's ignominious logo bin and, in remembrance, there should be a moment of silence … OK, that ought to do it.

Bully to those who demonized the BCS all these years for want of something better, something more.

However, don't for a nanosecond let 11 conference commissioners standing for a photo op Wednesday in Chicago fool you into thinking college football has been saved.

You've got another think coming … and it's coming in 2014.

"Anyone who thinks going to a four-team playoff, or a Plus One, is going to end the controversy, they're naive,"Pac-12Commissioner Larry Scott told the Times following Wednesday's meeting. "Unless you go to an eight, or 16-team playoff, and I don't see that happening in the foreseeable future, you're going to have debate."
And check Sports Illustrated, "Playoff approval a historic, joyous, overdue day for college football."