Monday, September 3, 2012

Democrat National Convention Set to Nominate First Flaming Buttfreak Candidate for the Presidency

The barebacking convention is getting fired up! (They're actually re-nominating the flaming faggy president, since Baracky didn't come out until his first administration.)

At Hillbuzz, "Is Barack Obama Gay?"

Obama Gay

And more:

 * "Where Barry Met Larry: a grassroots campaign to historically mark Obama’s gay hot spots in Chicago."

* "Where Barry Met Larry Part 2: the grassroots campaign to historically mark Barack Obama’s visit to the Comfort Inn of Gurnee, IL (where he had sex with Larry Sinclair)."

* "Where Barry Met Larry, Part 3: grassroots campaign to historically mark the Gurnee, Illinois Comfort Inn."

* "Where Barry Met Larry – Part 4: will Dahleen Glanton and Chicago Tribune assist grassroots campaign for Obama-Sinclair historic marker?"

Image Credit: Zimbio/The Globe.
Outraged Michelle Obama is masterminding an elaborate cover-up to prevent a new gay scandal from tarnishing the President, sources tell the Globe in a sensational world exclusive. The furious first Lady has made it her mission to silence author Larry Sinclair, who has written a book called Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, sex, Lies, Murder, insiders reveal In the work, Sinclair, 47, details the sordid fling he claims to have had with Barack Obama in 1999. He also accuses the President of abusing cocaine on at least two occasions. “The people in the background of the Obama Administration have done everything in their power to stop my book,” Sinclair tells Globe.