Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrat Values Are Not American Values — 'How Will You Answer?' (VIDEO)

We were shown over and over again this week that the Democrats don't stand with the average, blood-of-the-soil American. They might talk the talk, but on foreign policy to social issues, the Democrats are dragging this nation down in a godless maelstrom of hatred and death. I pray Barack Obama suffers a massive defeat in November --- and I'll be working toward that effect as well.

Check out this vital clip, which ran last night on television around the time of President Infanticide's speech, via Pundette:

PREVIOUSLY: "Democrat Abortion Extremists Reside Way Outside the American Mainstream."

BONUS: From Peggy Noonan, at WSJ, "The Democrats' Soft Extremism." Correction, Peggy: Hardcore extremism. The Democrats' Hardcore Extremism. (Via Memeorandum.)