Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democrats Really Didn't Want 'God' in Party Platform

I doubt these are the kind of optics mainstream Democrats had in mind. And frankly, by the sound if this voice vote, the "God" plank never really got the approval needed to be inserted back in. I simply find it breathtaking that one of the two major parties would even hesitate for one second to affirm the role of God in our national politics. But as I mentioned previously, the Democrats are a secular collectivist party bent on driving moral values out of the public realm. It's obscene.

And for the record, Dave Dayen at the far-left Firedoglake exudes the anti-God bias of the party, "Democrats Cave on Platform, Make Changes on God, Jerusalem."

And David Atkins, at Digby's Hate-abaloo, admits the nays carried the floor, "An explanation of how the Platform kerfuffle went down":
Note that the affirmative vote to approve the changes would have needed to be a two-thirds vote. And it's fairly clear from the audio that the ayes didn't even have a majority. And yet Chairman Villaraigosa ignored the will of the delegates and "in his opinion" gave it to the ayes. So how did this travesty happen?
More at that link above.

Clearly, the activist base of the party hates God and decency, and the party never would have approved the change without simply ignoring the preferences of the delegates. I'd be surprised if we don't see an epic attack ad pummeling the Democrats for their secularist extremism in short order. Shoot, you couldn't script a better outline for a monumental sledgehammer-slam on these idiots.

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