Tuesday, September 18, 2012

James Earl Carter IV Goes Alinsky on Mitt Romney

You gotta read this report from Michael Isikoff, "How the Romney video leaked: For Carters, it was personal." I mentioned before that the "SECRET VIDEO" release was well-played, and it's more than that: it's political revenge. James Carter IV has been literally pissed off for some time that Republicans have been slamming his grandfather's "weak" foreign policy, with comparisons to the Obama administration:
"It gets under my skin -- mostly the weakness on the foreign policy stuff," Carter said. "I just think it's ridiculous. I don’t like criticism of my family."
More at the link.

And at the video, radical MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is about to explode with orgiastic delight at the news of the "SECRET VIDEO." She can barely contain her glee and literally cannot speak at a couple of points, as she tries to spew out partisan talking points. Note too how Maddow, in her explanation of events, is extremely careful to claim that she had nothing to do with the initial versions of the Romney clip posted to YouTube under her name. But given how extremely damaging the clip's turned out to be, she's positively giddy that James Carter tracked down the person responsible for the tape. The added bonus is listening to David Corn rattle on about the story. He sounds like he's pulled off a criminal enterprise, or something. No doubt the guy's got a raging woody out of sight there at the studio. And he sure wants to make a point that the host of the fundraising, millionaire investor Marc Leder, allegedly sponsored kinky hot-sex parties like a deranged hedge-fund pervert. It's all designed to make Mitt Romney look bad, really bad, and these people are reveling it it:

Meanwhile, there's simply too much commentary on this to do an adequate roundup. I'm not latching onto one of the right-wing memes that this is just another blip on the radar screen, and that Romney just needs to catch his breath and keep plugging. Check some of the links at Memeorandum for all the buzz. He has to do that, sure, but I suspect this is more of a turning point in the campaign than folks are letting on, if they even realize it. There's really one last chance for Romney to shift some momentum back in his direction, and that's the presidential debates. And the hour is late. He's been on the defense literally for months now and it was just this week that the campaign was looking for a reset. That's not happening at this point.

I'll have more in any case. I hope I'm wrong, obviously. But it's been months of folks saying that Romney was about to change the dynamics of the race, and all the supposed game-changing moments have come an gone --- the veep pick, the conventions, the so-called post-convention bounce --- and Romney's still battling to find some traction against the Democrat-Media-Complex and its extremely dirty Alinskyite politics.