Sunday, September 2, 2012

'Lying Is a Virtue'? If Anyone Should Know It's Stephanie Cutter

I'll be honest. This kind of gutter politics makes me angry.

As I've been highlighting repeatedly of late, progressives and Democrats are liars. And not just any old little fibber kind of liars. Progressives live their entire existence predicated on falsehood and deceit. It's simply pathological. Really. I don't know how someone like Stephanie Cutter sleeps at night. Perhaps it's Machiavellian, that she thinks the ends justify the means, damn morality and basic human decency. Reelecting Barack Hussein requires fomenting such enormous untruths that frankly everything is relative. Just destroy your opponents and keep a death-grip on power.

And there is no question that Stephanie Cutter is an inveterate liar. She was called out big time with her claims of ignorance on the cancer man, Joe Soptic. See, "Business as Usual: Obama Spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter Lies and Prevaricates Her Way to Election Day." And at Twitchy, "Lying liar Stephanie Cutter doubles down on Soptic lies; bashes Giuliani, Palin to defend idiot Biden."

And now we've got Ms. Cutter attacking Republicans as liars on "Face the Nation." See, "Self-awareness fail: Lying liar Stephanie Cutter on ‘Face the Nation’; Romney, Ryan ‘believe lying is a virtue’."

Here she is, at 1:45 minutes:

More at Weasel Zippers, "Top Obama Campaign Official Stephanie Cutter: Republicans “Think Lying Is A Virtue”…" (via Memeorandum).