Saturday, September 1, 2012

Michelle Fields Out at 'Daily Caller'

I guess Tucker Carlson fired her for a "lack of productivity."

FishbowlDC reports, "Michelle Fields Out at The Daily Caller."

And it's appropriate that FishbowlDC's reporting, as those freaks have been jonesin' on Ms. Fields since she arrived in Washington: "FishBowlDC's Bizarre Obsession With Michelle Fields."

Michelle's on Facebook here and Twitter here.

She's young, beautiful and smart. We'll be hearing from Michelle for a long time to come.

Michelle Fields

BONUS: Reaganite Republican has a crush on her, "RED HOT Conservative Chicks- Daily Caller/Fox News' Michelle Fields!"

And the hat tip goes to The Other McCain, "Thank You, Everybody! (And Thank God)."