Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Stands by '47 Percent of Americans' Comments

William Jacobson has some analysis, "About that Romney tape":
There is nothing remarkable about Romney’s comments except that because on a secret video, they appear more nefarious.

There is no doubt that this was an Obama campaign operation, and likely we will see more such tapes dribbled out a week at a time.  The team which obtained sealed divorce records of rivals certainly can plant donors at private fundraisers.

Don’t fall for pronouncements that Romney’s campaign now is over.  Such pronouncements now come weekly by a media seeking a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Whether it was the insane overreaction to Romney’s comments on Libya or the declaration that the polling showed Romney had lost, every week there will be a new meme circulated.
Yeah, well, I mocked the f-k out of it, "Newsflash! SECRET VIDEO Catches Mitt Romney Talking CAMPAIGN STRATEGY at GOP FUNDRAISER!"

That said, it was pretty well played, I must admit. The story's leading on all the major newspapers, at NYT, for example, "Romney Calls 47% of Voters Dependent in Leaked Video." And Mitt took to the airwaves in an attempt to tamp down the damage (even though his comments weren't in fact controversial).

There's absolutely nothing the Democrats won't do to win. I'm not shocked at all by this. But at this point I'll be surprised if Romney's able to eke out a victory come November. Charlie Cook gave O the edge, and now the progs are trying to put things away with the dirtiest of dirty tricks. History will record this era as one of the darkest in recent political history. Politics ain't beanbag, that's for sure. The trick is to out Alynsky these f-kers and the hour is getting late.

More at the Washington Post, "Romney stands by his remarks in leaked video" (at Memeorandum).