Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sandra Fluke Outed As Complete Tool of Corrupt Democrat Party Infanticide Industry

I shake my head at these people, the scum of the earth.

It turns out that Sandra Fluke was in Tampa, making the political rounds, accompanied by party big-wigs like Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Rockin' conservative Dana Loesch tried to track her down and get a commitment for a woman-to-woman debate on women's issues. So far Dana hasn't heard back. And recall Fluke's scheduled for a big speech at the Democrat convention next week:

And the Daily Caller has a write-up on this, "Sandra Fluke chickening out on women’s issues debate with Breitbart’s Dana Loesch?":
Loesch isn’t surprised that Fluke has not agreed to a debate.

“If Sandra Fluke is going to come here and talk about women’s issues, then why not talk to actual conservative women about women’s issues?” Loesch told The Daily Caller. “I mean, that’s the whole point. You can’t just come here and hold a press conference and not take any questions. You can’t just go on MSNBC and say whatever you want. Is she an advocate or propagandist? Which one is she? If she’s an advocate, she’s completely willing to have a discussion on the issues. Democrats don’t speak for women. They don’t speak for me. I would like to hear why she thinks she speaks for all women because she obviously does not.”

“She hasn’t shown any desire to listen to what conservative women have to say and why they’re happy with the Republican Party and why they are voting for Republicans,” Loesch continued. “She thinks that the Democrats have a patent on women’s issues? Here you have the Obama White House which has actual pay inequality and here you have the Obama White House which removed the sovereignty women have over their own body and then there’s this unelected board for Medicare that’s not regulated by HHS? Where is she on those issues if she’s such a women’s advocate.”

Because Fluke is “not willing to engage on the issues,” Loesch said that “signals to me that she’s not an advocate but she’s a propagandist.”

“I’m genuine,” Loesch said. “I want a genuine discussion. I don’t understand why Democrat women — when they claim to speak for all women — why they’re stopping this very important discussion.”

“Is she afraid to be challenged on the ideas?” Loesch added. “That’s what it signals to me is that she’s unwilling to actually engage in a conversation with real conservative women. Is it because she’s afraid and doesn’t have the strength of her own conviction? That says to me quite a lot. I’m willing to put it on the line, why isn’t she?”

Loesch said she thinks Fluke is nothing more than a creation made by President Barack Obama as part of an effort to push liberal politics. “I don’t know of any other ‘private citizen’ who is represented by the Knickerbocker PR firm in Washington, D.C., which happens to be run by Anita Dunn, Barack Obama’s former communications director,” Loesch said. “I don’t know any private citizen who just happens to have that affiliation. This was an entirely fabricated narrative from the Democrats and they needed a face to put on it and so Sandra Fluke was the face that they put on it. I want to know if she’s woman enough to come talk to me.”

Fluke has not responded to a request for comment from The Daily Caller about Loesch’s challenge either.
Sandra Fluke is a kept woman. Her entire public charade has been a top Democrat Party political production. Sure, it's propaganda. But at base Fluke can't talk to Dana Loesch because she --- just like any other ethically bankrupt pro-abort progressive --- can't defend the left's moral abomination of the abortion holocaust industry. It's as simple as that. The left is not about "choice." They are about killing the innocent. It's the biggest stain on America since the Jim Crow segregation. But that we overcame. Where we had once reached a high point of moral decency in working to desegregate and guarantee equal justice for all, the left has spent four decades expanding the immoral atrocity of abortion, with today's Democrat Party platform abandoning it's not-so-long-ago purported commitment to making baby-killing exceedingly rare. Now no one even attempts to cover up left-wing infanticide. It's late-term abortions all the way, and nothing's going to stop me! My body. My choice. My dead baby.

I'm think I'm going to be sick.