Thursday, October 18, 2012

Candy Crowley Slammed With Fat Jokes After Shilling for Obama at Hofstra

Hey, don't blame me: I think she's a hottie.

But see Bliss Tree, "Saddest Presidential Debate 2012 Trend: Fat-Shaming Candy Crowley."

And The Other McCain, "@CrowleyCNN Targeted by Fat Jokes, Legitimate Criticism, But Mainly …":

John Nolte at called Crowley’s performance “a scandal; a total and complete media scandal . . . Absolutely disgraceful.” Matthew Sheffield of Newsbusters said Crowley “disgraced herself . . . showing why many Americans were rightfully suspicious of her ability to moderate a presidential debate fairly.” Donald Douglas at American Power called it “the worst debate moderation in presidential debate history.”

Not one of them felt it necessary to point out that Candy Crowley is fat, and I’m happy for that, because too many people resort to such cheap insults when they’re angry, and it hurts the feelings of fat people everywhere. This kind of cruelty toward BBWs and plumpers also bothers “chubby chasers” like Dan Collins, whose appreciation of Rubenesque ladies is so often misunderstood.
More at the link.

And don't miss the outstanding essay from Dan Collins, "About the Benghazi “Terror” Statement in the Second Debate."

Also cool was getting a Memeorandum thread yesterday.

More later...