Saturday, October 6, 2012

GMA's Sam Champion Comes Out, Announces Engagement to Longtime Brazilian Fine-Arts Photographer Rubem Robierb

How gay.

Shoot, I had no idea Sam Champion was flaming. And that really spoils it! I have a hard enough time watching Good Morning America as it is!

See ABC News, "Sam Champion Engaged to Be Married."

Sam Champion

Well, congratulations to the happy couple. And check out that link to ABC News. Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos can't contain themselves, they're so overcome with glee.

Actually, I'm reminded of the big gay marriage debate over the summer, and AWD's post, "HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS ADVOCATES ARE RUDE, CRUDE, IN-YOUR-FACE BRUTES!":
Homosexuals do not face discrimination. They just don’t get everything they want. They have become offensive bullies who have little decency or concern for how offensive their actions are. In this way, they are little different from the terrorists in the Occupy movement. If homosexuals don’t get their way (34 states have rejected gay marriage), they throw little angry, decadent tantrums designed to shock and nauseate decent people.

Homofascists are their own worst enemy. The buycott of Chick fil A by millions of decent Americans was a huge success. The homosexual kiss-in protest was a total failure. The American people are rising up against the bullying tactics of this small, loud groups of perverts. Why? No, it’s not hate and it’s not fear. IT’S BECAUSE NORMAL PEOPLE DON’T ACT LIKE THAT!