Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mitt Romney Kicks Ass in First Debate

I thought my perspective was biased, that Romney just destroyed Obama in the debate. But the results are coming in, and it's a bloodbath for the Democrats.

See BuzzFeed for the big headline, "How Mitt Romney Won The First Debate." (At Memeorandum.) Also at Washington Free Beacon, "Liberal Media Calls It for Romney."

I'll be updating, but if you're checking my blog as this post goes live, click your remote over to MSNBC. This is a devastating night for the left. It's a collective meltdown over there. Ed Schultz just said that Mitt Romney was "in his wheelhouse on the economy." And Chris Matthews was literally going ballistic. I'll be looking for the video and will update.

Check back from more reporting and analysis.

8:10pm Pacific: At the Los Angeles Times, "In position to surprise, Romney has sharp answers in first debate." And the Wall Street Journal, "Candidates Spar Over Taxes: Obama, Romney Lay Out Differing Views of Government, Regulation, Deficit Cuts."


8:16pm Pacific: Here's some raw video from CNN. I'll link the full clip as well, when I find it.

8:27pm Pacific: Glenn Reynolds has video from MSNBC, "CHRIS MATTHEWS IN POST-DEBATE MELTDOWN..."

8:45pm Pacific: At CNN, "CNN Poll: Romney wins debate by big margin."