Monday, October 15, 2012

Reports: Obama Will Attack Romney on Bain During Tuesday's Presidential Debate

Shoot, I'm surprised O didn't lay down some Bain attacks in the first debate.

He's got nothin' but smears, in any case. What's to stop him now, when he's down in the polls?

Ed Henry reports, at Fox News, "Obama camp tips hand on debate, hints president will attack Romney on Bain":

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – As President Obama began to hunker down at a plush resort here for three full days of debate prep, his campaign team signaled the incumbent may steal a page from Vice President Joe Biden and show a more aggressive tone in Tuesday's second face-to-face showdown with Republican Mitt Romney.

"Gov. Romney has been making pitches all of his life and he knows how to say what people want to hear whether that was during his time at Bain or during the dozens of town halls he did during the primary," Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Saturday. "His running mate also left him vulnerable on a number of issues -- admitting there was a $5 trillion tax cut, after he denied it, but again failing to explain how they would pay for it, leaving women worried about their ability to make choices about their own health care and failing to articulate their plan for winding down our presence in Afghanistan."

It's significant that Psaki previewed the president's next clash with Romney with an immediate mention of his time at Bain, a word Obama never mentioned during the first presidential debate, in Denver.

Senior campaign adviser David Axelrod said on "Fox News Sunday" that Obama is making “adjustments” before the debate and plans to be more aggressive.

Axelrod also referred to Romney's investment capital career before entering politics.

“We expect Governor Romney will have a great debate too," he said. "He is a great salesman. That is what he did as a professional, he is very good at it.” Later Sunday, Psaki noted women's health-care issues were left out of the first debate, which appeared to suggest Obama would raise the topic this time.

"The American people should expect to see a much more energized President Obama making a passionate case for why he is a better choice for the middle class," she told Fox News. "He will continue to hold Mitt Romney's feet to the fire on the facts about his policies, whether that is his 5 trillion tax cut plan that will leave the burden on the middle class, his plans to voucherize Medicare or his belief that women should not be able to make choices about their own healthcare."
O's going to be crushed tomorrow. Bringing up Bain's going to make it worse, since Romney will step up and slam "The One" as a bloody f-king liar.

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Added: At Mediaite, "Leaked Document Shows Debate Ground Rules Agreed Upon By Obama And Romney Campaigns." (Via Memeorandum.)