Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stunned Leftists Look to 'Fact Checkers' to Rescue President Clusterf-k From Epic Debate Debacle

Some folks argued today that Mitt Romney's performance last night was perhaps the best ever in American political history. The left was utterly crushed at Dear Leader's unprecedented defeat at the hands of the Republican challenger. It's hard to be more demoralized, but then again, we've still got a foreign policy debate to come.

Meanwhile, to the rescue come the left's fact-checking brigades, which have gone on attack with completely lame reports on Mitt Romney as a "liar" and a "flip-flopper." Anne Sorock has the key entry on this, at Legal Insurrection, "A new cloak for media bias: the fact-check segment":

The media have fully deployed their defenses to protect President Obama after his dismal debate performance last night. So far two tactics have been employed, the first is the thinly veiled “fact check” attacks, while the other is calling Romney a bully for his take-charge performance.
The left's stupidity here is so heavy it almost hurts. See Big Government, "Fact Check: Top 5 Liberal Excuses for Obama Losing the First Presidential Debate to Romney." And Robert Samuelson, "The Democrats' $5 Trillion Tax Cut Myth."

And of course, the left's not fact-checking's Obama's lies. See the Weekly Standard, "ABC: Obama Falsely Claims He Has a Plan to Cut $4 Trillion from the Deficit."

Frankly, the stench of desperation has overtaken the radical left's fever swamps of Obama worship. President Clusterf-k was outed as a rank presidential imposter. The only argument worth credibility is that in the end the debate won't matter much at all. That may be true. But it's no consolation to those who are investing in a presidential incumbent who's clearly been spending way too much time reading from teleprompters in between making "eye candy" visits to his gal pals on "The View."

The vultures are circling over President Clusterf-k's campaign. He'll be lucky to make it out of October alive.