Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Former Weather Underground Radical Kathy Boudin Now Teaches at Columbia University School of Social Work

She served 22 years in prison for her crimes, was paroled, and has a right to live and work in the general population. But this story's really about the outrageous moral inversions of left-wing radicalism, ensconced at America's universities especially. At the New York Post, "Outrage 101: Radical jailed in slay now Columbia prof."

And see Michelle Malkin, "Academia hearts the Weather Underground: Kathy Boudin at Columbia and NYU."

And see, "The Bloody Company Hollywood Keeps."

Michelle mentions the O’Grady-Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund at the clip.

And see AoSHQ, "Bizarre: Former Felony Murderer Is Now a Professor at Columbia;Meanwhile, Pediatric Neurosurgeon with No Criminal Record is a 'Monster'."