Thursday, April 4, 2013

Site Meter Domain Name Expires — UPDATE: It's Working! Site Meter's Working Again! Hallelujah!

Doug Ross reports, "Epic fail by analytics company Sitemeter: forgets to renew domain name."

Site Meter's been sucking for awhile. Here's James Joyner from last summer, "Is SiteMeter Finally Dead?"

I think it's dead now. When it worked well, the service was the best for instant feedback on your visitors. But it's not the only service I use. Feedjit Live is more fun, especially during traffic surges. And eXTReMe Tracking is way more reliable.

I don't see a post from Althouse yet, but she's been a full subscriber at Site Meter for years. She'll no doubt  have some complaints posted soon enough, especially as Site Meter apparently threw in the towel without any formal notification to customers.

UPDATE: Site Meter's back. Amazingly, I've been offline throughout the interlude. Robert Stacy McCain reports, "Did SiteMeter Commit Suicide? - UPDATE: It’s Working Again, But Unfortunately, My Traffic Sucks."

And Ed Driscoll reflects on the service, "Sitemeter Suicide?":
Sitemeter must have rolling server repair issues, as my counter was out yesterday and — knock on Formica — appears to be back, but now others are experiencing issues today. Also, as with their mammoth outage last year, their technical support seems to have fallen into a black hole; while the product still works (most of the time), Sitemeter reps never respond, beyond an automated ticket, to outage issues. Needless to say, this is not good customer support.
Well, as I mentioned at the main post above, I use other stat-counters in addition to Site Meter, although when it's working, I go to Site Meter first. It's got a great layout and attractive display of information, and the information is delivered in real time. Enjoy.