Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Climate Circus Leaves Town

From Steven Hayward, at the Weekly Standard:
If you had told environmentalists on Election Day 2008 that four years later there’d be no successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol, that a Democratic Congress would not have enacted any meaningful climate legislation, that domestic oil production would be soaring even after a catastrophic offshore oil spill, and that the environmental community would be having a lively internal debate about whether it should support reviving nuclear power, most might have marched into the ocean to drown themselves. Yet that’s the state of play four months into President Obama’s second term...
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And see Fred Barnes as well, "Obama's Agenda Is Collapsing."

I guess that's why he was getting so angry out at the Rose Garden the other day. Some big temper tantrums from Baracky, and it's still early!