Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Americans Once Again Divided by Race

It's the left that's dividing America, from the president on down to the lowest precincts of the despicable Democrat Party base.

From Ronald Brownstein, at National Journal, "Americans Are Once Again Divided by Race":

Justice for Trayvon photo 1016788_632294176783370_1279587422_n_zps1028afaa.jpg
Like a lightning flash in a stormy sky, the Trayvon Martin case has illuminated the depth of the impasse between white and nonwhite America. But a similar dynamic looms less visibly behind Washington's standoff between a Democratic coalition that relies on overwhelming support from minorities and a Republican coalition still almost entirely dependent on the votes of whites, especially older ones.

Both developments tell the same challenging story: Even as America experiences its most profound demographic change in more than a century, our society is increasingly fracturing along overlapping racial, generational, and partisan lines. The diversity remaking America could be a source of rejuvenation and innovation, but today it is reinforcing our ferocious partisan polarization. The Martin case and the Washington stalemate both capture the escalating collision of perspectives and priorities between a growing, mostly younger minority community and our aging white population—what I've called the brown and the gray.
Yes, and the left owns that polarization, lock, stock and depraved smoking barrel.

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