Monday, July 29, 2013

Speedway Bomber Brett #Kimberlin Charged With Sex Offense


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Last night I told readers I was going on a road trip to cover a big story — but I didn’t tell you how big it was going to be:
Brett Kimberlin, the convicted bomber-turned progressive activist, had sex with his wife when she was only 15, according to charges filed Monday in Maryland. A native of Ukraine who is now estranged from her husband and seeking a divorce, 32-year-old Tetyana Kimberlin says she had sex with Kimberlin multiple times during her 1996 visit to the United States, before she turned 16, the legal age of consent in Maryland. . . . At the time of the alleged offense, Kimberlin was on parole from federal prison for a 1978 bombing spree that terrorized the Indianapolis suburb of Speedway. . . .

In accusing Kimberlin of a third-degree sex offense, Tetyana says she met him when she was 14 and living in Ukraine, where Kimberlin traveled on business after his 1993 parole. In charges filed Monday with the Montgomery County District Court, Tetyana says she was 15 when she arrived in Maryland in September 1996 and that Kimberlin, who was 42 at the time, had sexual intercourse with her repeatedly before her 16th birthday in November of that year. . . .

[A]ccording to the charges filed Monday, Kimberlin “enticed me to come to Maryland so I could be his sex partner and bride,” Tetyana Kimberlin wrote. “Brett Kimberlin had sex with me every single day between the day I arrived and the day I turned sixteen, on Nov. 16, 1996.” Tetyana wrote that her cousin, who was 12 at the time, “also met Brett Kimberlin in Ukraine and coae to live with him … shortly before I did. On at least one occasion, I saw him attempt to seduce her.” . . .
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