Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lake County Drug Traffickers Kept Sexually Abused 15-Year-Old Girl, Held Hostage in Metal Box

I'm inured to this evil by now. It's so routine.

But this is what collectivist left-wing culture has done to society. And depraved leftism will continue to work its monstrous will until people wake the fuck up, stop dicking around, and say enough.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Lake County pot farm raid reveals horrifying tale of teen's captivity":

Box Hostage photo la-me-ln-details-of-girl-kept-prisoner-in-metal-box-horrifies-town-20130727_zps617a48ec.jpeg
LAKEPORT, Calif. — When authorities raided the marijuana growing operation, they found greenhouses filled with plants over 6 feet tall, neatly lined with individual irrigation systems. But the rest of the property, one federal agent recalled, looked like a horror scene.

They found dilapidated trailers where farmers appeared to live, caches of weapons and a bloody towel.

"To me, it smacked of a scene from 'Deliverance,'" said David Prince, assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in Northern California. "If I was a plant, that's where I'd want to live. If I was a human, that's not where I'd want to live."

It was here, in a remote area east of Clear Lake in Northern California, that authorities allege a kidnapped teenage girl from Los Angeles County was sexually abused and occasionally held captive in a metal box. The box — about 4-by-2-by-2 feet — sat outside one of the trailers, with holes drilled through the lid and a blanket inside.

The box "had been altered to imprison a human," a federal criminal complaint read.

In charges unsealed in San Francisco, federal officials allege that two men had abused the girl and forced her to help with their marijuana production. The girl eventually called authorities from a West Sacramento hotel, where she was rescued, officials said.

The suspects — Ryan Alan Balletto, 30, and Patrick Steven Pearmain, 25 — face numerous felony charges. The Los Angeles Police Department arrested a third man, Eric Edgar, on suspicion of sexual assault.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents had been investigating the 680-acre property owned by Balletto since December 2011, court documents showed.

The girl was reported missing April 2 from a San Fernando Valley home, according to the LAPD. Cmdr. Andy Smith said detectives believe she was living on the streets of Hollywood when she came in contact with Balletto.
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If you aren't grossed out enough by these sick leftist regressives.