Friday, July 26, 2013

Democrat Bob #Filner to Enter 'Behavioral Counseling Clinic'

Keep in mind Filner's so-called "behavior" is not a bug but a feature of the leftist ideological program. Leftists always talk rights and inclusion but then those same standards of propriety don't apply to them. And throughout, the mainstream press gives these assholes a pass.

At the Hill, "San Diego mayor to seek therapy for ‘inexcusable’ behavior." (Via Memeorandum.) And at KPBS San Diego, "Filner Announces He Will Enter Counseling Clinic But Says Nothing of Resigning."

Of course he won't resign. Because it's not about doing the right thing it's about holding onto power at all costs, even when virtually the entire political establishment throws you under the bus. Yeah, it took awhile, but even top Democrats finally cut ties to Filner, the idiot left-wing loser and poster boy for depraved progressives.